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Best practices for urban activism

It is imperative that an emerging grassroots innovation may appear from community-based activities that create an ideological space for experimentation with alternative systems of production of space.

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Editors: Lilia Voronkova, Oleg Pachenkov
Design & Layout: Ekaterina Sotnikova
Authors: participants of the SAGA project

The book presents the results of the international project “SAGA about the city. Transformation of Public Spaces ”. The aim of the project was to study public spaces and rethink the experience of working with urban spaces by Gehl Architects and other experts. As a result, a pre-project research methodology was developed, which is presented in the book. The context include:


Editors: Lilia Voronkova, Oleg Pachenkov
Design & Layout: Ekaterina Sotnikova

The collection of texts is an educational project CityCult, within which lecturers from Russia and Europe exchanged ideas and experience in the development of modern cities. The project covered a variety of topics: creative city, public art and street art in modern cities, gentrification, urban design, urban branding, participatory design, city modeling and others. The context include:


Authors: Lilia Voronkova, Oleg Pachenkov
Design & Layout: Katya Schmidt

The exhibition catalog presents the results of socio-anthropological observations of the daily life of city squares, their inhabitants, spaces and architecture. The authors discuss the diversity and contradictory nature of the so-called “publicness” and the nature of public urban spaces. The context include: